Vintage inspired Tahitian Gardenia perfume by Pacifica

Spring is my favourite season. Not only because i have birthday (well, it is not that great after 25 anyway 😀 ), but days are finally longer, warmer and more sunny. Yay! One thing i absolutely adore spring are blooming flowers. they are everywhere! I especially love blooming cherry, apple and plum trees and also lilac. I am like a maniac, sniffing everything 😀 I also love scent of white flowers, jasmine is just glorious. But i do like gardenia as well. And they meet in this lovely natural fragrance 🙂pacifica tahitian gardenia perfume roll on

Gardenia is the queen of this vintage inspired scent. Gardenia is symbol for love, strength and grace. She has a very lovely company – jasmine, orange blossom and green tea leaves.

pacifica tahitian gardenia

I have to admit that i have trouble to completely stay away from perfumes. The natural one are often too simple, they lack longevity, or have ridiculous price point. But i do enjoy Pacifica perfumes 🙂 They use essential oils and natural extracts to create their interesting scents and are free of parabens and phtalates. Their scents are also vegan friendly and cruelty free 🙂

pacifica tahitian gardenia roll on

This smell is the bomb 😀 Right after application it is pretty strong and intense. It is stunning flowery sweet scent. It reminds me of fragrance Si belle by Chloe. They both have gardenia, jasmine and orange blossom. Tahitian Gardenia is very strong after application but after a while it calms down, so people around you can breathe again 😉 It doesn´t last that long (maybe around 3 hours), but thanks to the roll on applicator i can reapply this during the day whenever i feel the need. It has 10ml, but it lasts quite some time, since you apply this only on your skin and not on your clothes. I feel elegant and sophisticated while wearing this. Gorgeous scent for spring, in my opinion! 🙂

Tahitian Gardenia is so far my favourite smell by Pacifica, but i also like Island Vanilla. Sometimes i actually combine them.

Price: 10.72€/10ml

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Which is your favourite natural perfume?

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