Summer haul

Where are all the iherb maniacs? One is right here! 😉 Every month i am impatiently awaiting some lovely package from iherb. I have my favourites which i rebuy, but i also like to try new goodies. Here you will find some inspiration from my latest orders 🙂 It is summer haul time!acure cocokind goddess garden

  1. Natural sunscreen by Goddes Garden SPF 30 is my go to sunscreen. It uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are great natural way to protect my skin from harmful rays. It doesn´t make me white and it has mild lavender scent, which is ok for me. I like to use this and raspberry oil. You can read full review here.
    Price: 20,24€/236ml
  2. Brightening facial scrub by Acure – i love this scrub, i regularly repurchase this one. Love it! Is gets the job done and has funny green color. It is affordable and i noticed that many girls from green beauty world love it as well 🙂
    Price: 7,82€/118ml
  3. Cell stimulating facial mask by Acure – green sister of my favourite scrub 🙂 It contains chlorella, green clay, acai, blackberry, rosehip and pomegranate extract. Kinda fun to use – you can leave this on your skin for relatively long without feeling any pulling on your skin. Which is great if you have more sensitive skin. But i don´t really see that much of an effect, so i probably won´t repurchase this anytime soon.
    Price: 7,81€/50ml
  4. Organic matcha body misturizer by Cocokind – if you love oconut oil and matcha – this is a must have for you. Ingredients are pretty simple – organic virgin coconut oil, organic matcha, organic baobab oil and organic orange oil. Yum! It is basicaly body oil, but in colder months it will be more solid.
    Price: 10,5€/120ml

redmond clay acure light mountain

5. Facial mud by Redmond clay – has very simple ingredients – water+bentonite clay, thats it. I just wish there were more clay and less water. It has almost gel like consistency, but feels kinda watery on my skin. I prefer to use it as a “wet” ingredients to my diy face mask with neem powder. Bentonite clay is great for deep cleansing skin, treating acne or insect bites.
Price: 6,26€/113ml

6. Bright red organic henna by Light mountain – this is my favourite brand of henna so far. I usually use shade called “Red” (with fox), but wanted to change it up a bit. But they both look basically the same on my hair 🙂 I feel they give me better color if i change them time to time, but this may be just my subjective feeling.
Price: 4,95€/113g

7. Mini cell stimulating body wash by Acure – i expected some fresh, but this smells like almonds/marzipan, yum! So nice surprise for me 🙂 Great for traveling or going to the gym.
Price: 2,34€/30ml (or 7,82€/235ml)

crazy rumors pacifica

8. Lipbalms by Crazy rumors – i love lipbalms by this brand – they don´t melt in summer and have great range of flavours to choose from. I chose Banana split, Raspberry sorbet and Grape bubble. They are also crulety free and vegan friendly. Main ingredient is macadamia oil with addition of olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and candellila wax.
Price: 2,75€/4,4ml

9. Natural lipstick in Rebel sol by Pacifica – i love this lipstick in shade “Tenderness” so of course i hadto buy another shade! This is lovely coral shade, not too crazy, but great pop of color for summer. I like that Pacifica lipsticks have very wearable colors that will suit many people. This lipstick is also vegan and has lovely ingredients like tomato, carrot and red beet extracts, shea butter or jojoba oil.
Price: 9,2€/2g

deep steep fresh honey shower gel honey blossom

10. Honey body wash in Honey blossom by Deep steep – smells nice – like sweet honey with some flowers. I like it, but i think i would like more pineapple – coconut versionMore. I have to try that one next! This has aloe vera, shea butter, cocoabutter, olive oil and honey.
Price: 11,7€/502 ml

jason acure maxi hair

11. Power smile by Jason – i started using this recently and so far i am happy with it. I has pleasant minty taste. I feels similarly to regular toothpaste, just doesn´t foam up as much. I like it!
Price: 4,63€/170g

12. Straightening shampoo with keratin by Acure – with coconut water and marula oil 🙂 Haven´t tried this one either, currently i am using shampoo and conditioner by 100% Pure. So i have to review them first 🙂 I liked the almondversion of shampoo (and conditioner) by Acure, so i hope i will like this as well.
Price: 7,82€/235ml

13. Maxi hair plus by Country life – for hair, nails and skin. Haven´t noticedmuch differecne in quality of my skin. I feel like my hair is falling out tiny bit less, but again, no huge results. My nails are growing pretty quickly, but they usually do 🙂 Maybe i will try them again in the winter.
Price: 16,58€/120 capsules

kevala almond butter maranatha peanut butter

14. Crunchy almond butter by Kevala and Organic crunchy peanut butter by MaraNatha – You can keep smooth nut butter to yourself, but crunchy ones….i love them! These two are sooooo good. Pure ingredients, amazing crunch and great taste. I already repurchased them both 🙂 I love to eat them with my oatmeal, dates or fresh fruit.
Price: 12,34€/340g (almond) a 8,25€/454g (peanut)

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