Mermaid´s secret: Pure pearl powder by Moroccan Natural

Summer is ending and lots of people are already decorating with pumpkins for fall. But i am not ready to give up on summer yet, i am actually finally getting ready for my summer vacation! 😀 If you want to have summer vibes in your beauty stash all year long, let me introduce you to pearl powder – well known beauty secret of all mermaids 😀 I noticed some beauty products with pearl powder on the market but never had chance to try pure pearl powder – until now. Pearl powder promises to give us that glowy and clear skin, that we desire. You can apply it directly on your skin, or even eat it!I decided that i don´t want to eat this precious pearl powder, however i tried it once – it basically has no flavor, so you can add it to any meal. I would never think of eating pearl powder (crushed pearls), but it seems it is nothing new – this was well known by ayurvedic and indian medicine. When taken internally, pearl powder is considered as an adaptogen (helps body to cope with stressful situation better).  I tried to apply it as a powder primer before my foundation, use it as ingredient to my DIY masks, which was ok. But my favourite way to use it is simply mix it with my daily moisturizer and night time oil serum. This way it is very easy to use and i feel that my skin is getting the most of it, since it can work its magic on my skin whole day and night.

Pearls are rich in calcium, magnesium, amino-acids, they also contain iron, copper, selenium and silica. They help with skin healing, improve elasticity, stimulates collagen production and new skin cells creation. Since in few years i will be 30, i am starting to more appreciate these anti-aging benefits 🙂 But i must i was more intrigued by antimicrobial properties of pearl powder. It should promote acne and acne scar healing, decreasing dry patches and help with sun damage – i need all of this! 🙂 Not that much sun damage this year, but i guess i will need this after my vacation 😀

Originally i though that i will use pearl powder as a nice natural highlighter for that pearly effect. But this powder is actually quite matte, which i don´t mind either. My skin is more on the oily side, so when i use my moisturizer, i get nice matte finish, which doubles up as a nice primer. For night i use it with rosehip oil, which makes nice transition from summer to fall. It dissolves beautifully in oil and it is not visible on the skin (it is micronized). Here you can see it directly applied onto skin in thick layer, just so you can see the finish.

First i wasn´t sure if the powder was doing anything for my skin, then i started to it use every day and/or night as mentioned above. I just scoop a bit with a small spatula that is included with the glass jar and mix it directly in the palm of my hand with oil/moisturizer. You will probably need to use more than you are used to, since pearl powder will soak up some of it. This is also good to use if your skin product is more greasy than you would like. And i must say i like the results! When i am using it regularly, i have less pimples, my pores are smaller and my skin looks more even. Can´t really comment on acne scars yet. When i stopped using it for a while, i could tell difference in my skin.

This little jar is quite pricey, but you don´t need that much for one use, so should last you a while. Although this is a nice product to have, i am not sure if i will repurchase it so soon, time will tell.

This pearl powder is pharmaceutical grade and you can buy it from lovely Morrocan Natural shop: for 25£/15g.

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