Pure Elements: Organic cleansing milk with power of crystal

Pure Elements is German organic beauty brand which is BDIH certified. The thing that is the most interesting about this brand is that they use mountain crystal for its healing benefits (there is piece of crystal at the bottom of the product). Their products are also inspired by Asian culture and energies. I have to say – i love crystals! I love to collect them as well 🙂 Mountain crystal is said to be a symbol of abundance and harmony. It eases pain, gives you energy, helps with stress and strengthen your individuality. These products also have added great smelling citrus essential oils 🙂pure elementsOrganic cleansing milk by Pure Elements has beautiful yellow colour, almost looks like vanilla pudding. And it actually has vanilla extract! 🙂 It is suitable for sensitive skin, which i like, because cleansing products tend to dry my mixed, problematic skin. Sometimes i feel that even plain water makes my skin feel dry. pure elements cistiace pletove mlieko cleansing milkThis milk has very pleasant smell. It is slightly sweet and citrusy thanks to essential oils. The smell is combination of relaxing vanilla extract, invigorating citrus oils, antiseptic and antidepressive ylang ylang oil. pure elements cistiace mlieko zlozenie ingredients

According to ewg all ingredients are safe. Maybe except Benzyl Benzoate, which is skin irritant, but in here it is natural component of ylang ylang. Certification BDIH forbids use of any synthetic preservatives. This product contains nourishing and regenerative almond oil, shea butter, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E. I think this cleansing milk has its beautiful colour thanks to sea buckthorn oil, which has naturally bright orange colour.

At first, i used cotton pads to remove this milk from my skin, but i got lazy 😀 Now i usually gently massage this milk into my skin and wash it off with water. My skin is surprisingly clean after this. Then, i apply little bit of this milk on cotton pad and remove residues of eye makeup. I also use rose water on my whole face to make sure that makeup is completely removed from my face. After that i continue with moisturizing my face. I like this milk because it removes my makeup pretty well, my face is not dry after it and it never irritated my eyes. And of course, it has lovely scent 🙂

Price: 17,8€/200ml

What do you use for removing your makeup right now? Any tips? 🙂

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