Nilotic butter by with sour red mango scent

It is hidden in a bamboo package, beautifully softens the skin, smells delicious, helps children and women in Uganda and it helps to plant three trees. That’s what Nilotic butter can do, pretty amazing,don’t you think? 🙂 And at the end of this blog post I have a coupon for you for 20% discount on this little treasure. Did you know there is more than one type of shea butter? I didn’t know until recently.

Shea butter vs. Nilotica Shea Butter

Today I want to introduce you a more luxurious version of the shea butter called Nilotica. The first difference is its origin. Shea butter (from the Vitellaria Paradoxa tree) comes from West Africa, and nilotic butter (from the Vitellaria Nilotic Tree) grows especially in northern Uganda.

Nilotic butter has amazing consistency that i fell in love right away. Soft, light, almost fluffy, it is true joy to spread it on my skin! ? You do not need to use it lot, and if you give it a minute to soak in, your skin won’t be greasy. It sinks in faster than classic shea butter. The color is pale yellow and its consistency is also visually atractive to me. Nilotica is definitely winning in my books in comparison with shea butter. It has a higher percentage of phytonutrients and also contains vitamins A and E. It is therefore suitable for aging skin, but of course also as a prevention to aging. My skin is smoother, more supple and nourished. Nilotica shea Butter is considered to be high quality shea butter, which comes with higher price. That’s why you do not often find it in ordinary cosmetics.

Nilotic Brand – Contribute to good thing

The brand takes selling of this amazing nilotica butter quite seriously ? Since Nilotica shea butter comes from Uganda, you make a good contribution by buying each jar. By purchasing a jar of Nilotica shea butter, you will contribute 3 weeks of education for disadvantaged children in Uganda and 3 trees will be planted – bamboo, moringa and shea butter tree. These trees will be planted by Ugandan women, helping them to acquire managerial skills. You can read more at directly.

The choice of trees has its justification. ? Fruits of moring can serve as a food for the locals, at the same time it can serve as a source of income. The advantage of planting the Nilotica shea tree is probably obvious 🙂 As you can already see, Nilotica shea butter from this brand is packed in bamboo packages. Bamboo grows fast and so bamboo growers can make locals become suppliers for this brand. What, of course, will support the local economy.

I chose a jar of nilotic butter with the aroma of sour red mango (natural scent). They also have other yummy smells like apple, mango alfonso, new cocoa and water melon, or classics as rosemary and lavender. You can also find nilotic butter for the face, which is combined with essential oils of lemon or orange. I have used this for my hands and a little bit for my body. Oh my, the sweet smell is delicious! I am not sure if this smells exactly like mango, but i like it. It definitely has some juicy fruity freshness to it, but also smell something sweet, gourmet, like a little chocolate or coffee. Something in the style of aroma of orange chocolate, but better ? Not so sweet. By the way, every batch of pure nilotic butter passes through a taste test to ensure its high quality.

To summarize, I certainly plan to buy another jar of nilotic butter. I am choosing between a large pack of mango alfonso or watermelon nilotic butter. And I also want to try the face version. Otherwise, the composition is almost identical – the difference is whether a natural fruit flavor or essential oil is used. So I can buy a big package of body butter and use it on my face. ? Over the winter, extra nutrition will be useful.

The Nilotic brand has come with a novelty – liquid lipstick. Now they are on sale for really cheap, so I ordered them, I will let you know if they are worth it.

Jar of Nilotic butter will cost you 34€ for 50ml (they have also 200ml for 37€, so i am buying that one next 😀 ). Shipping to Slovakia costed me 8,99€.

Now for the best part – discount code! For 20% off, use code: PANDA489203

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