Natural soy wax candle “In the forest” by Jemnô

I recently moved – though only within one city, but now I miss one thing. Forest. On our hill it was only 10 minutes walk and I was in the forest ? There were no debris, waterfalls or majestic rocks in it, but it was good enough since i live in the city. Trees, singing birds, meadow and (if you did not go out for the walk at the same time as everyone else) peace ? Maybe it motivated me to buy my first candle from new local slovak brand – Jemnô. Made only with soy wax, pure essential oils and love. I was immediately drawn to a candle with a simple name “In the woods”.

For me it’s an unusual choice of scent ? I prefer sweet, edible, fruity and floral scents. But I was curious – how well can be smell of the forest interpreted by candle?

At Jemnô you can choose beautiful candles and waxes that melt in the aromalamp. The base is soy wax and pure essential oils. The flamboyant flame sits in a candle on a cotton wick ? Various scents are available: Love, Joy, Peace in the soul, Oriental Path and new – Hope, a candle that helps ? The profit from this candle are given to selected nonprofit organization. The aroma of this candle is alternating, currently available in: jasmine, citruses with vanilla and orange.

Let’s go back to the woods, i meant “In the forest” 🙂 In this candle, the scent should be reminisent of the wet leaves, the earthy scent of the moss with the fresh scent of the needle. It combines the essential oils:

  • Santal wood – soothes the mind, grounding, induces the inner room. It has an antidepressant, soothing effect, ideal scent before bedtime – it helps to sleep, but it also works as a fine aphrodisiac.
  • Frankincense– calms down, creates a sense of well-being, relieves anxiety.
  • Patchouli – helps with breathing, also helps with anxiety and depression, calms down.
  • Pine – disinfects space, helps with breathing, strengthens immunity. Mitigates nervousness and calms your mind.
  • Fir – antiseptic effect, helps with cold.

The overall effect of the fragrance should be soothing, the candle brings a sense of well-being. At the same time, it refreshes and disinfects the air.

According to the description of the scents and effects, I had quite a lot of expectations. ? I was expecting a beautiful, strong scent that would take me to the forest 🙂

The candle arrived in a lovely cardboard box with a bow. ? On the first occasion the candle had a delicate scent, so I was very curious how it will  “unwrapped” after the ignition. I like everything about brand Jemnô – ingredients, beautiful labels, packaging, and especially the fact that they are made in Slovakia with love.

In the forest, however, after the ignition it smelled … like nothing. ? Before the ignition, the scent was delicate, so I expected that essential oils could be released by heat. Unfortunately, it did not happen … but I did not want to believe that this should be “everything” ? I wrote to the owner of the brand and she was so kind that she sent me a another candle. So, the second attempt came.

The second candle smelled stronger before the ignition, I smelled especially pine. ? After the lighting, my feelings were mixed again. ? The candle takes a little longer to release the scent. Sometimes there is a delicate scent in the room, and sometimes i don´t smell anything except a gentle aroma of wax. Well, at least it is a nice home decor that creates a cozy atmosphere when ignited. But most recently, the candles were reformulated to make them smell stronger. Maybe third time will be a charm? 🙂

Price is 13,9€/150g. Can be bought at I have another scents from this brand so stay tuned for more reviews 🙂

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