My natural skincare routine for day & night (Akamuti, Funny bee, Dulcia, 100% Pure,…)

I have a lot of “fun” with my combination, problematic skin. It has to be gentle enough, so my forehead doesn´t get very dry, but also deep-cleansing, so pore on my nose stay clear. I also need it to be antibacterial, so i keep those pimples at bay (they apparently don´t know, that i am too old for them anyway). This is my current natural skincare routine which luckily agrees with my skin. 🙂

Nighttime routine

nahlad prirodna kozmetika

1. Watermelon seed oil by Akamuti– this UK brand has such a lovely product range! Lots of nice oils and very affordable price point. This watermelon oil is suitable mainly for oily skin, since it is hydrating and clears the skin. It is lightweight and i love to use it for oil cleansing. I added vanilla into mine so now it smells heavenly <3 I massage it into my skin to dissolve my makeup.

2. Cleansing milk by Pure Elements – i use this after oil, it removes makeup and it is gentle enough also for my eyes. It´s gentle and has a lovely scent, maybe you remember it from my recent review.

3. Cleansing facial wash with sage and peppermint for dry skin by Kivvi – i use this instead of cleansing milk when my skin is more oily, or i have more makeup on. But this one is little bit drying for me, so i use it sparingly. I prefer the quince version of this, it is cheaper and actually works better for my skin.

4. Witch hazel water by Naturally thinking – amazing astringent for oily and problematic skin! It shrinks pores and has cooling effect on my skin. Thanks to this i can be sure, that there is no makeup residue on my skin.

nocna starostlivost prirodna kozmetika

5. Night fluid “Crazy me” by Funny bee – hey, there always should be some french goodie in my skin regiment! This one is by french organic brand Funny bee, it hydrates skin nicely, has anti-inflammatory properties and speeds up healing. And this serves as an eye cream as well, so double win! Perfect for those lazy evenings. Sometimes i use only this and i am good to go (to the bed).

6. Beyond organic treatment gel – when those pesky pimples occur, this is what i use. This one is good to use locally, it is little bit runny and little goes a long way. This one contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, cucumber extract, salicylic acid and more.

7. Hydrating oil serum by Mylo – Mylo is slovak green beauty brand and has very lovely products. I love their packaging! This one is lovely facial oil for oily and problematic skin. It is lightweight and antibacterial. I love that it smells like mixture of chamomile and lemongrass, thanks to essential oils. It pairs grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and squalane, so great combo!

8. Organic argan oil by Arganeol – i like to use especially for my dry forehead. Lately i was trying face massage and it is amazing for that! What is better than to pair antiaging massage with antiaging oil? Plus, this one actually naturally smells nice. So it is very pleasant to use.

9. Night eye cream by Dulcia – another local slovak green beauty brand. This smells like coffee heaven! This is actually and eye balm, it nourishes the skin and reduces my puffy eyes, which is what i really need! It contains lovely ingredients such as avocado oil and butter, sheabutter, coffee butter or mango butter. Very nice and price point is great too! Every coffee lover should try this.

Daytime routine

prirodna kozmetika problematicka plet natural skincare

1. My daytime natural skincare is pretty simple, i use either cleansing wash or cleansing milk from my night time routine. My choice depends on if i used lots of oils night before or not.

2. 100% Pure coffee eye cream – i think this one is favorite in a green community and i can see why 😉 It smells like popcorn, it is nourishing, but light and is nice also under my makeup. Again it battling my puffy eyes. My mum likes it as well!

3. Ideal face cream by La Fare – another lovely french natural skincare. This face cream is light, gentle and soaks into my skin quickly. It works well with my mineral foundation, which i am very happy about! I like that it is packaged in a glass jar.

And that´s all for my natural skincare routine:) What is your routine right now?

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