Massage oil + Pukka herbal tea = Love

Who loves a good massage? Me! And who loves good cup of tea? Me! No wonder i fell in love with this lovely set 🙂 Getting massage is one of my favourite ways to unwind and relax. It is so amazing when my darling is giving me massage, i usually fall asleep. But it doesn´t mean he can stop, hell no! I immediately wake up and demand more 😀 I also loving sipping tea, basically all year long, but of course more in winter. Right now i enjoy mate the most, but i also like green and herbal teas. I was very delighted when i saw this lovely set that combines Sensuality & Love massage oil by Naturally thinking and Pukka Love herbal tea

naturally thinking massage oil pukka loveI really like packaging of both products. The massage oil came also with a pump, which is so practical for aplication. When i want to take this oil for a trip, i just remove pump and put cap back on. Is this massage oil sensual? Sexy? I don´t know! 😀

The smell is combination of ylang ylang, clary sage, pimento, benzoin and sandalwood. So if you like oriental smell, you will like this. I love looooong massage. As i mentioned i usually fall asleep. Sometimes i wake up for a minute to check if i am not dribbling 😀naturally thinking sensuality love massage oil

Base of this massage oil consist of almond oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil with addition of ylang ylang, pimento, benzoin and sandalwood essential oil, clary sage extract and vitamin E. Not tested on animals of course 🙂 I like that it doesn´t absorb super quickly so you can enjoy even longer massage. And what is better company for a massage than a cup of tea?

pukka love

Rose+chamomile+lavender? Sounds wonderful! Do you know any good rose tea? I would like to try, so gimme recommendations if you have any 🙂 Pukka Love tea contains organic and wild herbs : chamomile flower, limeflower, elderflower, marigold flower, licorice root, rose flower, lavender flower. So many beautiful flowers! I would enjoy this tea even more if it didn´t have licorice root in it, i don´t like it that much. But overall it tastes nice 🙂 I would say that chamomile has the most dominant flavor for me.  And the packaging is so beautiful also inside!

How do you love to relax? Any tea/massage oil recommendations? 🙂

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  1. Hi
    How is naturally thinking products as in quality? Also their customer service? Thinking of buying from them but i see the bad reviews therefore bit afraid.

    • Hi, i tried just two products (this massage oil and witchhazel water) and i liked them both! I haven´t buy them directly from Naturally thinking, so i am not sure about their customer service.

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