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When my skin senses arrival of colder days, it acts offended and out of spite it gets dry. It can´t be reasoned with and when i try to explain, that it is actually still pretty warm and there is no need to get grumpy yet, it thanks me with dry flakes on my forehead ? Nice. Really nice. Luckily, i remembered that last year my skin liked Lavera cream, so as an peace offering i bought large jar of it 🙂lavera univerzalny krem all round cream

As its name suggests, you can use this cream all over your body, wherever you have dry skin. You can use it as an hand cream or body cream, but i prefer to use it on my face. Despite its nourishing ingredients it spreads easily, sinks in pretty fast and it does not leave my skin greasy. Exactly how i like it! 🙂lavera cream krem


Lavera All round cream contains organic ingredients, it is vegan and has Natrue certificate. It is gentle enough also for kids. shea butter bambucke masloIt contains:

  • nourishing oils:organic soybean oil, organic shea butter, organic almond oil, organic jojoba oil, sunflower oil
  • flower waters: organic witch hazel water (tightens), organic rose water (hydrates, softens, anti-aging), organic melissa water (tightens, anti-inflamatory)
  • essential oils

lavera zlozenie ingredients

How did i like it?

This cream has pleasant, but somewhat generic smell. What i really like about this cream is that it leaves my skin matte, it does not clog my pores and doesn´t cause any trouble. I also use it under my mineral foundation (although it doesn´t look the best at the end of the day). Packaging is ok, but i would like tube better, because if you peel the protecting foil of, it has tendency to dry out (this is true mainly for the smaller package).

All round cream by Lavera 150 ml costs 7€.

Do you like any Lavera products?

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