Green beauty by Acure Organics: argan shampoo, argan oil & brightening scrub

Brand Acure Organics has a really nice slogan – It’s not enough to be natural… It also has to work. And it is so true! Sometimes green beauty products have lovely ingredients, but product itself just doesn´t work the way it should. This brand was one of first natural beauty brands i have tried and i still like them!acure argan shampoo argan oil brightening scrubMy first product was their Argan stem cell repairing shampoo, which is intended for normal, dry, damaged and curly hair. It contains great ingredients such as organic extract from acai, blackberries, rosehips, pomegranate, rooibos and aloe vera. It also has argan, olive, sea buckthorn and pumpkin oil. It does not contain silicone. It lathers well, but what is most important – it smells like almonds! ♥ So if you love love almond and marzipan smell, you will love this. This doesn´t do any miracles for my hair, but honestly, i haven´t found any shampoo that does 😀 It celand my hair nicely, doesn´t make it more dry and it also washes out my oil hair treatments well. I like matching conditioner as well, but i would not recommend their leave in.

Price: 7.81€ / 235ml

I LOVE Brightening face scrub by Acure. This is my absolute favourite from their line. Ok, this is actually my favourite face scrub of all times, i have at least 4th tube. It does remove effectively dead skin cells but doesn´t irritate it. It is also fun to use, since it´s pretty green. I like to use it on my body as well. This one is gluten free and vegan friendly. It contains extracts from organic acai, blackberries, rosehips, pomegranate, rooibos and aloe vera but also calendula, chamomile, argan oil, green clay, kelp, chlorella, cocoa. It smells lovely thanks to slary sage and spearmint essential oils. It is not oily and makes my skin feel fresh. It exfoliates very well thanks to organic lemon peel granules. You will “sea” the difference 😉

Price: 7.81€ / 188mlacure organics scrub shampoo argan oil

Lately i also bought their Aromatherapy organic argan oil with lemon, orange and ginger essential oils. I use it mainly on my hair, but also on my face, decollete, and wherever i want 😉 It has good amount of vitamin E, which is anti-aging and prevents wrinkles. It like smell of lemon, orange and ginger, but here i also smell something else. And is not very pleasant. I like the packaging with the pump, but since it smells kinda weird, i would not repurchase this one. Maybe i will try another version of this, not sure.

Price: 10.15€/30ml

Do you have any favourites by Acure Organics? 🙂

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  1. I am obsessed with Acure Organics! Such a great cruelty free company. I especially love their skincare!

    • Yes, they have lovely products, but their scrub is my absolute favourite 🙂

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