Green beauty Christmas gift guide

December will be here in a few days and I’m starting to get some Christmas presents. While I still have money ? I really like to buy gifts online, although i have to count with a bit longer delivery times. Especially before Christmas, postoffice is stacked with packages. The hardest part is that I usually end up buying the most gifts of myself, uh … ? So maybe you will find little something for yourself as well in my Christmas gift guide 🙂

Christmas gifts from LoveLula

If you have not purchased from Lovelula yet, now is the right time ? If you use the LLFRIEND code you will get a 15% discount on your first purchase plus one argan oil and two rosehips oils from brand Ooh! for free! Just buy over £20, postage is free? If you’ve already purchased on this page, you can use the FRIDAY code before December 2 and get a 15% discount. Now they have nice sets on the site too, I picked up this Christmas set from the BalmBalm brand.
Price: 55£

If you are not afraid to pay a little more, try this advent calendar from Joik! In the description on the page, you have a breakdown of what it contains, or just make it a surprise ?
Price: 107£

For lovers of cat eyes, there is a nice set from Inika, which includes a mascara for longer lashes and liquid eyeliner, at a fairly decent price. Products are also suitable for vegans ?
Price: 25£

If your friend travels a lot, check out this cute set inspired by London from well known brand John Masters Organics 🙂
Price: 25£

If i would pick something for myself, i would go for something from Isla Apothecary. And by something i mean their jasmine body oil. I mean jasmine combined with vanilla and shimmer? What is not to love? 🙂

Christmas gifts from Naturisimo

At Naturisimo, I recommend using the Stocking fillers section to find smaller gifts. The gift sections are divided according to who you want gift for, or even by price. Rosehip oil by Pai has beautiful packaging, i already had this oil and I can only recommend it. By November 28, you can use a 15% discount on everything with discount code GREEN15 (use code GREEN20 for 20 percent off when buying over 100 £:)
Price: 15£

Did you know that Naturisimo carries also Axiology lipsticks? They are vegan friendly, natural and look luxurious 🙂
Price: 25£

Christmas gifts from

Well, I did not forget about iherb ? And beware, by November 30th, you can take advantage of the 10% discount with the BFR2017 code ? I like these little scented hand creams from La Chatelaine. You can even buy the whole set in a nice can. I bought one cream, it is pleasantly fragrant and it hydrates well. So I think, as a gift, will please many ladies.
Price: 4,98 € / piece or 17,05 € / set 3pcs with can

I found this lovely set from Indigo Wild, which contains soap with goat’s milk, lip balm and an air refresher with essential oils. A nice little gift, which is also nicely packaged ?
Price: 10.53 €

Little ladies that are just discovering makeup can be pleased with this set of brushes for eye shadows, I think it looks more than tempting ?And it is at really great price.
Price: 10,87 €

Or do you fancy something more colourful? 🙂 Than go for this set from Real Techniques! 🙂
Price: 18,12€

Christmas gifts from Nilotic

I would like to recall Nilotica’s nice shea butter from a previous review from These nilotic butters have wonderful scents and you can also find liquid matte lipsticks. The lipsticks are on lovely sale right now – either 6 € per piece or 19 € for a set for all 4 shades. And to save even more, use code PANDA489203 for 20% discount on all Nilotic products ?


I hope I have inspired you a bit and if you have some own tips, let me know ?


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