End of summer favourites (not only green beauty)

This year is summer somewhat longer and i trully enjoy it! But this was probably the last warm week. You will maybe see a few more summerish posts in here this month 😉 Here are few of my summer favourites i really enjoyed this summer.

First i have to mention summer vacation! I went to Greece – Rhodes just two weeks ago. I went with a friend and it was fun! I would like to make a post just about this vacation so stay tuned 🙂


During my vacation i was using this green beauty duo by Goddes Garden. Primer Face the day was my day cream, since it has nice SPF 30 and it is mineral sunscreen. It has zinc oxide, but i spreaded really nicely and didn´t leave my face white. It was somewhat sticky on my face, but overall i like it. Except that weird lavender smell. It has nice ingredients like aloe barbadensis leaf juice, buddleja davidii extract, chicory root, carrot seed oil, immortelle oil, avocado oil, and jojoba seed oil. I paired it with Day undone face oil, which has also lovely ingredients in it like baobab seed oil, jojoba) seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil, squalane, mangifera indica mango seed butter, olive oil, roman chamomile flower oil, arnica oil, immortelle oil. I used this also on my body and paired with aloe vera and mangosteen butter by 100% Pure, it was a holy grail combo for my sun-iritated skin.


Give me some icecream baby! It is maybe suprising, but even with so much fruit and veggies available, it is kinda hard for me to eat healthy during summer. I looove icecream (salted caramel and mango are my faves)! One time i went big and had this giant with whipped cream at Luculus (Bratislava, Slovakia). Not healthy but…who cares 😀 (I have Velouria by 100% Pure on my nails if you are wondering)


And how cute is this icecream Salt&Pepper?


I love red nailpolish Tomato by 100% Pure. I wore it a lot this summer and i will wear it for the rest of a year too 🙂 Overall i love 100% Pure so you will see a lot of blog posts about their products on my blog 😉 This nailpolish pairs lovely with Poppy lipstick by 100% Pure (and this super yummy white chocolate with poppy).


Have you ever heard about Cacay oil? If argan oil is considered anti-aging ninja, cacay oil ((Caryodendron Orinocense) should be even better. It comes from Columbia and should be the perfect oil against wrinkles and skin agigng. It has 50% more vitamin E and linoleic acid than argan oil and 3 times more retinol (vitamin A) than rosehip oil. Nice! I tried sample from the brand Ooh! (Oils of heaven) and i liked it This 5ml sample lasted me more than week and i used it mainly in night. I would like to try full size to see full efect.


Finally this super yummy Pineapple – coconut shower gel arrived! It was about time 😉 It smells so good! I really liek shower gels by Deep steep and the generous amount you get 🙂


I have this sample blush set by The All Natural Face from spring and i love it! So many beautiful colours to choose from. You can see only the part on this picture. There is actually all 27 blushes 🙂 Each one will last you for several uses, so i can use this for all year and i won´t use them all up 🙂 Plus, this set of 27 blushes costs only 5 dollars (they are all vegan friendly ) 🙂


Last but not least, summer lippies! I loved Watermelon lipglaze (yup, you guessed it) by 100% Pure. I will continue to wear this for months to come 🙂 I also really like Rebel sol by Pacifica, which will be great for fall as well. I will make a full review 🙂


How was your summer? 🙂

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