Eco laundry gel by Almawin with linden flower

When I was still living with my parents, doing laundry was mostly my domain ? And it still is after moving in with my boyfriend. But it’s one of the chores that i don´t mind doing. (Ironing is another story ?) So in addition to the brands I have already known, I have the opportunity to discover new ones. This time I discovered the German eco brand Almawin, which originated in the same year I was born 🙂 

Almawin’s products do not contain petroleum components, phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners, synthetic perfumes or preservatives. They do not test on animals. Instead, they use natural raw materials, mostly in organic quality.

Eco laundry gel with a scent of linden blossom immediatelly catched my eye. Linden flowers have such a beautiful scent ? In the spring I always smell as many flowers as I can ? It is a shame that this spring came suddenly and somehow suddenly ended as well this year. Well, at least, I have a greater desire to grow fragrant herbs at home. Wish me luck!

Almawin’s eco laundry gel has a really nice linden aroma. Although i can´t really smell it on the clothes, i don´t mind. If you want scented linen, you will need to use softener. Arome is not synthetic, but it is made with natural essential oils. ? I enjoy smell the most, when i am hand washing my clothes. This gel does not irritate the skin, nor does it leave my hands have any extra dry after hand wash.

For classic washing in the washing machine, I use two caps for single use of this gel. There are three volumes marked on the cap -20ml, 25ml and 30ml.  The consistency may surprise you a bit – it has fluid consistency – like water ? It works great for normal clothes, but one thing can not be washed ?  Cloth I use with addition of cleansing balm that i use to remove my makeup. The grease will wash away, but the makeup stains remain there even after washing it few times. I’m starting to feel like they’re not getting away with anything. I will try to wash them away with baking soda and vinegar. If you have any tip, please, let me know! 🙂

Ingredients: ≥5% <15% soap (soap and vegetable soap*), <5% non ionic surfactants (sugar surfactant), perfume (essential oils), limonene.*4,1% of the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation. Further ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium citrate, extract of lime*, lactic acid. 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin.

Otherwise i am happy with this eco laundry gel. Besides the fact that it works, it has also certifications:

  • Vegan
  • Ecocert greenlife
  • Eco garantie
  • Green brand Germany 2015/2016
  • Dermatologically tested

Price: 8,05€/1,5l

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