100% Pure Cocoa Glow bronzer

100 percent pure bronzerBronzer is not my must-have beauty item (or it wasn´t before i had this one), but when i saw this cocoa one in sale at the end of summer, i had to have it 🙂 And i am glad i couldn´t resist! I use it almost everyday. Its main ingredients are cocoa powder and cocoa butter along with many other natural goodies. Doesn´t it sound simply delicious?

100 percent pure cocoa bronzerIngredients

I am very happy with ingredients. Along with cocoa powder and cocoa butter you can also find fruit pigments (apricot, peach, pomegranate, blackberries, raspberries, acai) but also coffee, lavender powder, rosehip oil, avocado butter and mica. Amazing, isn´t it? 100% Pure is known to use fruit extracts and pigments as main ingredient. They don´t use any syntetic colourants, but their products have beautiful colour.

  • 100% natural
  • 100% vegan
  • gluten free100 percent pure cocoa glow bronzer ingredients

How did i like it?

I will start with the biggest minus. It doesn’t smell like chocolate or cocoa! I knew it won’t, but i still hoped ? It is well pigmented and it can seem little bit dark. But it is easy to blend, so you can use it even if you have fair complexion (as me), you just have to be careful with amount you use. I use this bronzer also for light contouring. This shade is warm, so it may not suit gals with cooler skin tones.100 percent pure cocoa bronzer2

This cocoa bronzer is not completely matte, it has light shimmer. But i usually can’t see it on my face. It is only slightly visible on strong direct sunlight. And it has beautiful packaging, similar to their blush (i have one in a shade called Mimosa). There is a mirror in the lid this bronzer. You can see me wearing this bronzer in article on my second blog. So yeah, i am really liking this one! Would love to see also completely matte version, or maybe some of their darker foundation could work.100 percent pure cocoa glow bronzer

This Cocoa bronzer by 100% Pure costs around 32€.

Do you have favourite bronzer? 🙂

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